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The dashboard address would be your server address with port 8080 by default. (eg. http://x.x.x.x:8080/)


In some servers port 8080 is not accessible for external access due to their firewall. To fix this refer to FAQ

In browser after logging in with User Name: admin & Password: admin you will presented with a wizard which you will need to fill with required keys to run the App.


Purchase Code

You will need to put your purchase code for validation. This was delivered to you at email after you made your purchase from codecanyon.


You can skip this step with values it has as is.

Google Maps API Key

This API key is to be retrieved From Google Developers console. For Server API Key Distance Matrix API API being enabled from Library is required and for dashboard key Google Maps Javascript SDK is required.


Make sure billing account is enabled on your Maps Console. This is very important for app to function correctly.

Firebase Admin SDK

Both driver & rider app need separate firebase projects. Once two firebase projects created go to Project Settings then under Service Accounts use Generate Private Key button to retrieve private key. You would also need to enter db url retrieved from this page into respective field.


With this being done on both projects your setup will be done. Give backend a few seconds to set itself up then hit Go To Login and login with default admin & admin credentials 🎉

Last update: July 8, 2020