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You are almost finished and ready to compile your apps. but first let's go to client apps customization file and fill some parameters there. Open ios folder with XCode 11.3+.


Cocoapods is the must used dependency manager used for xcode. before compiling the project in XCode you will need to run pod install inside ios folder so all dependencies will be downloaded and installed. This process might take a few minutes.


In common folder there is a file named Config.swift. Open this file and edit Backend value to dashboard address.

class Config {
    static var Backend: String = "http://localhost:8080/"
    static var Version: String {
        get {
            return self.Info["CFBundleVersion"] as! String

Bundle Identifier

In previous sections you have selected an Bundle Identifier. This identifier looks like com.anything.somethingelse. Open project's settings and set the bundle identifier you chose before on their own repective project setting's page.

Bundle Identifier

Last update: June 11, 2020