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You are almost finished and ready to compile your apps. but first let's go to client apps customization file and fill some parameters there. Open android folder in Android Studio 3.5.3+

Google Maps API Key

In common project you have this file named options.xml. open the file which will look like this, In the higlighted line you will require to enter Google Maps API key starting with AIza. This API key will require to have Android Maps SDK, Places SDK & Geocoding enabled from Library.


To find files faster in Android Studio you can use Double Shift Hotkey so search file bar would appear.

    <string name="email" translatable="false"></string>
    <string name="website" translatable="false"></string>
    <string name="twitter" translatable="false"></string>
    <string name="instagram" translatable="false"></string>
    <string name="facebook" translatable="false"></string>
    <string name="playStore" translatable="false"></string>
    <string name="fabric_key" templateMergeStrategy="preserve" translatable="false"></string>
    <string name="google_maps_key" templateMergeStrategy="preserve" translatable="false"></string>
    <string name="defaultLocation" translatable="false"></string>
    <string name="default_language">en_US</string>
    <bool name="singlePointMode">true</bool>
    <integer name="maximumDestinations">5</integer>
    <bool name="request_payment_enabled">true</bool>
    <integer name="minimum_payment_request">10</integer>
    <integer name="charge_first">10</integer>
    <integer name="charge_second">20</integer>
    <integer name="charge_third">50</integer>
    <integer name="minimum_points">2</integer>
    <integer name="maximum_points">2</integer>
    <bool name="use_miles">false</bool>

Server Address

This piece of information is to be entered at the file named Config.kt. Use search again and open it then replace the address with yours.


In previous sections you have selected an applicationId. now change the default applicationId to the one you have selected in each project's build.gradle file.

Last update: June 11, 2020